2012 Local Composer's Showcase

Theatre on San Pedro Square
29 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110
408 979-0231

Concert: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Deadline for submitting compositions: February 1, 2012

Nineteen is host of the fourth "Local Composers Showcase", at the Theater on San Pedro Square. We originated this concept in 2008, and played the inaugural concert. The series has been a huge success. With three bands now having been host of the concert (A Touch of Brass in 2009 and Full Spectrum in 2010), several local composers' pieces have become part of the area's top bands' repertoires.

We encourage you to submit your work!

Submittal Guidelines for Composers
We ask local composers to submit no more than their finest, and most recent, work. Compositions will be selected by a panel comprising three published composers (judges for the 2012 concert have not yet been named). Past judges' panels have included Grammy-Award nominee Wayne Wallce, Professors Emeritus Dave Eshelman and Frank Sumares, Dr. Aaron Lington of San Jose State University, and esteemed composer/arranger/band-leader Bob Curnow.

Compositions arranged for big-band must include a score and all parts. Doubles are ok and encouraged! We will also accept for consideration compositions submitted as leadsheets. Members of Nineteen or their colleagues may write full-ensemble arrangements of leadsheets selected for the concert. Those that are not given full-ensemble treatment will be performed by small groups. If you have specific instrumentation in mind for a small group, then provide transposed parts as needed.

Composers of selected works will have the opportunity to:
  • meet with Nineteen director Gus Kambeitz (himself a published composer) to discuss their music,
  • rehearse the full ensemble (or small group) on their composition, and
  • have their music submitted to a publishing company.
All entries must be mailed to:

Gus Kambeitz

Director of Jazz Studies

West Valley College

14000 Fruitvale Ave

Saratoga, CA, 95070

or emailed to:


Emailed charts must be in PDF format.

Audio files may optionally be included, to demonstrate style and tempo, but submittals without written music will not be accepted.

Submittal deadline is February 1, 2012. We look forward to hearing your work!

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