Rhythm Section Trumpets Trombones Saxes and Woodwinds
    Gus Kambeitz, bass and director
    Bob Aron, piano
    Grant Pierce, guitar
    Tom Wieske, drums
    Eric Bolvin, director emeritus
    Craig Diserens
    Kevin Kono
    Mike McWilliams
    Dan Owens
    Bill Black-Hogins
    Kevin Bryson
    Mike Bergantz
    Scott Clabaugh, bass
    Antony Pickard, alto
    Diana Tucker, alto
    Brittany Biala, tenor
    Eric Raeburn, tenor
    Nancy Moser, baritone

Special thanks to our frequent subs:
Honorary Nineteen alumni pianist Jess Reyes, bassist James King, and trombonist Mark DeSimone; pianist Ken Feliciano, trumpeters Lorenzo Perez and Mike Pakaluk, saxophonists Madison Bohrer and James Pascual

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