Rhythm Section Trumpets Trombones Saxes and Woodwinds
    Gus Kambeitz, bass
             [on sabbatical as director]
    Bob Aron, piano
    Grant Pierce, guitar
    James King, bass
    Bruce Campbell, drums
    Eric Bolvin, director
    Craig Diserens
    Kevin Kono
    Mike McWilliams
    Dan Owens
    Bill Black-Hogins
    Kevin Bryson
    Faris Jarrah
    Veronica Christie, bass
    Antony Pickard, alto
    Diana Tucker, alto
    Noel Catura, tenor
    Eric Raeburn, tenor
    Nancy Moser, baritone

Special thanks to our frequent subs:
pianist and honorary Nineteen alumnus Jess Reyes, pianist Ken Feliciano, trumpeters Lorenzo Perez and Mike Pakaluk, trombonist Mark DeSimone, saxophonists Madison Bohrer and James Pascual

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